Roaming Ranch Recreation Barn

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Spring Creek Farm- 

Cowboy Skills Program 

- Suitable for Junior Participants 8yrs old-12yrs old 

Rodeo Rescue Program 

- Suitable for Youth Group & School Leavers 14 yrs old - young adults

Surfcoast Pet Bakery - Employment Skills Program 

Barnyard & Bushcraft - Animal Assisted Activities 

Suitable for Junior Participants 

100 Portreath Rd, Bellbrae. 

Cowboy Ranch - Rodeo Rescue Program 

Our Rodeo Rescue Program is designed to Progressively Develop Skills


1] Communication Skills - 


2] Leadership skills 


Cowboy Logic-  Riding Lesson

3] Teamwork Skills


4] Problem Solving Skills


Additional benefits include:

Social Skills

Peer engagement

Fine Motor Skills

Range of Motion

Independent Living Skills 


Australian Cowboy Skills Association

Australian Cowboy Skills Association was launched:

[1] To provide a standard of skills to ensure horses are safe. 

[2] Be accommodating of members who want to progress with safe horses, but don’t want to compete. 

[3] Hold Challenge competitions to confirm horses have training and riders skills are at competent at levels .

[4] Fun, welcoming, helpful environment for horses & people to enjoy.

Be inclusive of all breeds and riding disciplines.

Rescue Animals 

Foster Program 

 Donation of Goods so we can continue to Rescue & RE-home:  

 Supplies we Require Include:

Packets of Seeds for the Veggie Patch 

Kitten Food

Puppy Food


Collars & Leash 

Confortis Flea Treatment - Cats & Dogs All Sizes

Revolution Flea & Worm Treatment - Cats & Dogs All Sizes

Horse Wormer 

Cow / Sheep / Goat Wormer

Chicken Wormer & Lice Pwder

Bookings & Enquiries 0438 511 293:                     FITNESS & HEALTH GEELONG Pty Ltd   Registered NDIS Provider: 441 301 28

  Paypal and Credit Cards Accepted

$65.00 Cowboy Skills - includes Creek Track Trail Ride

Cowboy Skills sessions. $65.00

Would you like to Ride For longer? 

Would you like the Opportunity to ride a bit faster? 

Navigate our Cowboy Racing Obstacle Course.

Roaming Ranch Recreation Barn

Roaming Ranch Recreation Barn

Innovative & uniquely interactive Animal Assisted Activities

Tuesdays        4.30pm -6.30pm

Wednesdays  4.30pm -6.30pm

Fridays.         4.00pm -8.00pm

Saturdays     10.00am- 12.00pm or 12.00pm -2.00pm


250 Bogans Lane, Freshwater Creek

PHONE: 0438 511 293

[email protected]

Credit Cards Accepted                                            ONLINE BOOKINGS - TeamApp

Remember to check the Roaming Ranch Facebook page for news & Events

We Now Use Team App for

 Bookings & Events.

Download TeamApp 

Search Teams

1. Roaming Ranch

2. Login & Request Member Access

3.Enter your Details to Complete Member registration.

4. Go to the EVENTs Tab for our Calendar of Session times. 

5. Complete your Booking and Purchase your Ticket. 

We will be notified by Email that you have Registered as a Member

NDIA Clients - RSVP that you are attending - Invoices will be submitted as usual 

Fitness & Health Geelong Pty Ltd,                                                        NDIS Registered Provider: 441 301 28

Roaming Ranch Recreation Barn 

Animal Assisted Learning 

We provide a range of services to ensure that everybody gets the opportunity to benefit from participating in the Innovative & uniquely interactive Animal Assisted Activities we offer. 

Services include:

Ranch Day - Animal Assisted Learning 

Cowboy Skills 

Western Style Riding Skills 

The Roaming Ranch Family includes: 

Ponies & Horses



Guinea Pigs





K9 Therapy - FitPaws Program 

K9 Agility Park 

Dog Walking                                      

Dog Washing

Obedience Training

Therapy Dogs

Working Support Dogs Training

Cowboy Skills Sessions - Use TeamApp - Roaming Ranch  to book your Ride.


Dog Walking Service

Dog Day Care Facility

Obedience Training

Proudly Supporting the Customs Detector Dogs

TOY DONATIONS REQUIRED- We are collecting Toy Donations for the Customs Detector Dog Foster Care Program.

Drop off for Toys is the Office at 196 Mt Pleasant Rd, Highton.

Homemade Dog Treats Available- proceeds are donated to Customs Detector Dog Foster Care Program

Equine Therapy - Animal Assisted Learning

All Abilities Equine Therapy Program 

Horse Riding sessions- Bookings Essential

Surfcoast Pet Bakery - Homemade Dog Treats

Our Disability Clients are very proud of the homemade dog treats they bake. And the Customs Detector Dogs are very grateful for the donation to their Foster Program for the puppies.

$4.00 per pack

Flavour options include:

Liver Blocks

Cheese & Parsley Sticks

Rock Cakes

Sweet Treats

Peanut Butter Cookies

Animal Assisted Learning 

Fit Paws Bootcamp

Next Bootcamp Starts Soon